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Tuesday, May 05, 2009

European style: Fleggaard ad

I don't speak danish and I have no idea what Fleggaard is (I believe it might be a retailer or something of the sort). That doesn't prevent me from recognizing a true European ad when I see one. It's funny how much more understandable European-made ads are on the erotic side: you will never see nudity in an American ad, while America is the number one producer and consumer of XXX material, whereas European ads will feature more naked skin, and no one will pay any attention to that or get offended and angry. Let's just say that Janet Jackson's wardrobe malfunction wouldn't have been a a court issue in Europe at all. Actually, no one would have noticed.

So here is the link to the Fleggaard ad. Obviously, it has been removed from YouTube because it breaks their term-of-services. No surprise there, just the attitude I noted above.


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