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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Serena Williams

I just discovered on YouTube that HP has this habit/tradition of making ads with famous people, but with their heads cut-off by the top of the screen. All you hear is the person's voice. I don't like this approach too much. I understand that the goal is to put the importance on the graphics and the narration, but still, it just doesn't do it for me.

Except for when that person is Serena Williams. First, the graphic effects are amazing in this ad. And second there is something else of Serena's body that attracts all the visual attention.

After seeing this ad, I visited the HP site with Serena, so yeah, advertisement does work. But to my disarray, the site really doesn't function properly: first I had to start the Flash animation manually, and then the videos don't show, and you can't close them either. I can't understand how a multi-billion dollar corporation which made a campaign with a star such as Serena, can't get the website of the campaign to work properly. It cancels out all the positive points built by the good ad.


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