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Friday, September 17, 2010

Something about some music scene in Montreal

Apparently, Montreal has a music scene. Or at least that's what the clowns at are trying to make us believe.

Except that, the 3 concerts they list at the bottom of the article aren't even bands from Montreal. Great journalistic job (actually, yeah really, I like it).

Best Coast is a good outfit from LA, and will probably put-up a good show at la Sala Rossa on St-Laurent street. The music video if "When I am with you" is cool, with Ronald McDonald in there, that's how big of a cultural icon McDonalds is:

And what a shitty restaurant McDonalds is too. I wonder if it is normal for a shitty product/company to be a cultural icon. Maybe that's what Best Coast is hinting at in this video.


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