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Monday, May 11, 2009

Beyoncé puts the ring on another dance routine

I thank God everyday that I don't have cable and I am spared the pain of music videos, and TV in general. But today I inadvertently discovered a funny little non-event that has crept up in cyberspace, the spot for all gossip and other possible time wasters.

Here it is: it turns out that Beyoncé's video for Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It) was a rip-of of this dance sequence bellow:

Now that's pretty funny: after re-making all old-time hits, re-sampling and covering everything, the music industry is remaking music videos too, except that this time the girls are wearing 80% less clothing and shaking their booties 80% more. Great, I wonder who's the multi-million-dollar-paid marketing executive who thought of this, the girl/guy must have a really hard job.

What would have been really cool was if Beyoncé had made a video that is an obvious tribute or a spoof of that original sequence, and they could have made it way more artistic and intelligent, for example start off in disco styled clothing and big Afros and then dress-down to modern style booty shaking sequence. That would have been original. Just copying and not referencing or giving props to the original material in any way is really lame.


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