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Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Can the Montreal Canadiens beat the Stanley Cup champions?

For over 2 weeks now, the only thing that matters in Montreal is how good the Canadiens are playing. And the good news is that they are playing damn good. Tonight, Tuesday, is the 1st game in Montreal since our Habs eliminated the Capitals, the Penguins series is 1-1, and the crowd will be going mad; a victory today will really set a new tone for this series. The Canadiens played really well last game, it was impressive to see how they managed to frustrate Crosby, and this without Markov who is injured.

The whole city's been absorbed by the Habs so much, that I can safely say that all of Montreal's nightlife is currently on hold, and this until the Canadiens get eliminated (or win the Stanley Cup).


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