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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Kubrick's Korova bar in pictures

Over the years I've download from Torrents pretty much all of Stanley Kubrick's movies. In itself that's not a big achievements, because the genius camera master was also very meticulous and slow in releasing his polished products, so there isn't too many movies in his repertoire.

Kubrick isn't the master of the artiness nor of the though-provoking philosophical reflections on film (except maybe for "Dr Strangelove ..."). But Kubrick is the master of showing you something unbelievably beautiful yet realistically looking, something that draws you in a very imaginary yet very possible world, all this within the rigid boundaries set by the 2d screen.

For example, the breathtakingly original and modernistic interior design of his Korova bar in "A Clockwork Orange". Imagine having this furniture at home, and drinking milk out of it.

I just learned that apparently, "the sculptures in the Korova Milkbar from the film A Clockwork Orange were based on works by Allen Jones after he turned down the request by Stanley Kubrick to design the set for no payment." (quote from Wikipedia). You can see Allen Jones famous "Chair, Table and Hat Stand" bellow. I must say I prefer Kubrick's furniture, it is less obscene and more artistic.


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