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Monday, July 06, 2009

That 1 Guy

This Saturday, in a freezing afternoon at an empty Jazz Fest in Montreal, while walking aimlessly amongst the non-existent crowd and trying to find something good to listen too, we stumbled upon a small stage where that 1 guy was playing. Yes, that's right, that 1 guy and his magic pipe. First, the technological prowess of his self-made instrument is extremely impressive. Second, this one man mixes music and performance art extremely well. And he's an amazing percussionist, and his voice reminds me of the deep voice of Iggy Pop on the soundtrack to Arizona Dreams, one of my favorite records.

Needlessly to say, That 1 Man is to be appreciated live, where his whole talent shines, both musical and acting, and where the rawness of his electronically-organic performance can be felt. I especially like the beats where he starts jumping and using both feet to activate the base-drum pedals.


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