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Wednesday, October 07, 2009

China 60 years latter

If you're like me and your not big into vulgar displays of man-killing machinery staged by a regime with little regard for personal freedoms and rights, then you probably would understand why I wasn't interested by watching the grotesque parade organized for the People Republic of China's 60th anniversary. Nationalism and tanks aren't my thing anyways.

Yet, there is something animal and visceral about military parades (because that's what the celebration was mostly for). There is something scary and curiosity-exciting about watching parade these enormous trucks carrying missiles than can wipe-out entire cities at the whim of a single person commanding them. There is a whole lot of something impressive about watching thousands of people walking in sync, emulating brain-connected robots (of the future).

And so I succumbed to my curiosity and animal instincts, and watched this amazingly beautifully video, shot on a DSLR camera (here is the story behind the making of the video, simply impressive), and which didn't require me to waste a couple of hours of my life, by compressing all that is esthetically beautiful in a 3 min 42 seconds video: (see the whole thing in larger format straight at Vimeo

China's 60th Anniversary national day - timelapse and slow motion - 7D and 5DmkII from Dan Chung on Vimeo.

Now, that's how all armies in the world should look like, and there would world peace forever:


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