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Friday, January 21, 2011

Notre Dame street's new Montreal greatness

There is nothing more fun that a bunch os spoiled rich brats moving in a poor neighborhood, gentrifying it to the max and indirectly kicking out all its poor inhabitants.

This is exactly what has happened with Notre Dame street West in the South-West borough of Montreal, more famously know as Saint-Henry to the people of our great metropolis.

Now published an article on the cool new hangouts on Notre Dame street.

Ok, I am being a bit too pessimistic here: you can't really say that the rich spoiled brats have kicked out the poor people. The reality is grayer than this, and hopefully the rapid rise of the standard of living of the neighborhood will also profit its poorer inhabitants. The goals is obviously to make a better place for all Montrealers, and some of these new business on Notre Dame street do just that.

As for the Corona lady that the geniuses at attached to their new article, I think they missed the oat by not showcasing this crazy 2005 print advertisement campaign for Corona in Japan. The Japanese sure look less prudish and conservative than us, uptight North-Americans.

But "Grind it deeper", really, WTF. That's too much even for liberal freedom loving me.


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