The Killa Thrilla

Friday, November 27, 2009

Go Als go

Some more on the Als, we just published an article on the Montreal Alouettes playing for the Grey Cup. That article is more tamed, it's for the masses, with no racy pictures of Cheerleaders included. Not like this one bellow for example (stolen from an amateur photographer on Flickr):

The Montreal Alouettes

Once again, like so often in the past ten years, the Alouettes made it to the Grey Cup final. But now the hard part is in front of them: not choking and actually winning the damn Grey Cup. That would give the city of Montreal an excuse for partying, and boost our sports-self-esteem, cause the Canadiens sure are giving it major beating right now.

Unfortunately for the goons of the Als, their beloved cheerleaders wont be there to warm their hearts and encourage them during the game. And that's a shame.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Santa is coming to Montreal

Tomorrow the Santa Claus parade is passing through the streets of downtown Montreal, to be witnessed in horror by all of us.

Here is what Christmas ads look like now-a-days. Make your own opinion:

Monday, November 16, 2009

Comics and memories from my time at McGill

Just published a new article on Montreal's comics and graphic novels scene. Not very detailed, but enough to plug the Pedigree Girls, a comic strip I used to read in the McGill Daily. I thought it was funny, and still do, but I guess not everyone does.