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Monday, August 16, 2010

Waste of time article

Wired published a pretty shitty article recently, on technologies that haven't made it yet. I say shitty because there is no meat whatsoever to the little blurbs about why the technology hasn't made it yet, and meat is exactly why I read the Wired. If I want short and anecdotal-like, something for breaking my attention and resting my brain, I turn to the Internet. For a paper magazine which I pay real actual money and get delivered at home, I would like to have rich (meaty) content, that will allow me to discover new horizons in a thoughtful way.

The only good thing about the article is this ridiculous picture of Will Ferrell's robo-maid:

Monday, August 09, 2010

A guide for Montreal's bars brewing their own beer

Our peeps at just published a guide to Montreal brasseries, that is bars that brew their own beer.

North-America isn't known for its quality beers, but the good thing is that all of this is changing, and rather quickly. Montreal and Quebec in general are leading the charge in quality brewing, with lots of micro-breweries releasing commercially successfully local beers like la "Fin du Monde" or "La Blanche de Chambly".

Complementing this world of commercial micro-breweries are "brewpubs" or pubs that brew their own beer, like Dieu du Ciel and Le Saint-Bock. Read all about them in the article posted above.