The Killa Thrilla

Friday, September 24, 2010

More and more info about live music in Montreal

After this weeks amazing live show by M.I.A at the Spectrum in Montreal, we're getting ready for the arrival of Gorillaz in Montreal, which will be playing the huge Bell Center on Sunday the 3 of October. Gorillaz don't tour that often, so this will be a once in a life-time chance to catch an eclectic group live. Too bad they are playing at the soul-less Bell Center, when we have so many other cool venues in Montreal.

PS: Why is it that all the embedding of Gorillaz videos from YouTube is disabled! I hate record labels.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Something about some music scene in Montreal

Apparently, Montreal has a music scene. Or at least that's what the clowns at are trying to make us believe.

Except that, the 3 concerts they list at the bottom of the article aren't even bands from Montreal. Great journalistic job (actually, yeah really, I like it).

Best Coast is a good outfit from LA, and will probably put-up a good show at la Sala Rossa on St-Laurent street. The music video if "When I am with you" is cool, with Ronald McDonald in there, that's how big of a cultural icon McDonalds is:

And what a shitty restaurant McDonalds is too. I wonder if it is normal for a shitty product/company to be a cultural icon. Maybe that's what Best Coast is hinting at in this video.