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Monday, October 25, 2010

Katy Perry's assets

You might say that I am living under a rock, and maybe I am, because until this week, I had never heard the name "Katy Perry". And instead of telling you about the fashion of Montreal nightlife, I decided to dig deeper in this Perry phenomenon (or should I say phenomenons, the plural form being more accurate ;)

Obviously, not having a TV does help for the living under the rock thing. And not having TV means not having the crappy Musique Plus, Much Music or MTV. Because of that I had never heard of Katy Perry; I had heard a few of her songs, I just didn't know that it was her.

And then I read about her whole Sesame Street controversy, of how she got cut from the show because of her cleavage. Following that story I discovered her other "work" (I am not sure the word work is appropriate for this).

So here are some videos, documenting my whole saga of discovering Katy Perry and her assets:

1) The video that got removed from Sesame Street:

Personally, I really don't see what the big deal is here. Seriously, what a puritanical bunch of people could take offense to this video, the cleavage is really not that big. And most importantly, what do kids know or understand about cleavage? If they already do, than Sesame Street with Kate Perry should not be on the top of your worries. Morons.2

2) The spoof that Kate Perry did on Saturday Night live, mocking Sesame Street:

All I can say is: I miss my TV because without it there is no SNL. And "What the hell happened to your shirt" is hilarious.

Now, one thing is for sure, this girl uses her assets (see one of the videos bellow) as a powerful marketing machine. I mean, just watch the videos bellow:

"Assets" video.

Some more useless mumbling.

And finally the actual video:

I mean, the weep cream shooting out is just too much. But I must admit the production and quality of the video is crazy. How much money must have went into this product (a shitty one unfortunately).

Now contrast the video above with the video of El Quincho bellow. Smaller production, but so much sexier and so much better pop music:

El Guincho rocks and totally kicks ass.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Kubrick's Korova bar in pictures

Over the years I've download from Torrents pretty much all of Stanley Kubrick's movies. In itself that's not a big achievements, because the genius camera master was also very meticulous and slow in releasing his polished products, so there isn't too many movies in his repertoire.

Kubrick isn't the master of the artiness nor of the though-provoking philosophical reflections on film (except maybe for "Dr Strangelove ..."). But Kubrick is the master of showing you something unbelievably beautiful yet realistically looking, something that draws you in a very imaginary yet very possible world, all this within the rigid boundaries set by the 2d screen.

For example, the breathtakingly original and modernistic interior design of his Korova bar in "A Clockwork Orange". Imagine having this furniture at home, and drinking milk out of it.

I just learned that apparently, "the sculptures in the Korova Milkbar from the film A Clockwork Orange were based on works by Allen Jones after he turned down the request by Stanley Kubrick to design the set for no payment." (quote from Wikipedia). You can see Allen Jones famous "Chair, Table and Hat Stand" bellow. I must say I prefer Kubrick's furniture, it is less obscene and more artistic.